Why Electrodnye

See why people love Electrodnye Alternators

Electric Motor Service

Electrodyne alternators are solid, reliable pieces of equipment that are built for years of high output operation.

Not only are brushless alternators resistant to dirt, dust, smoke and water but they also naturally produce higher currents with less input energy

They produce a high output alternators and some of the finest brushless alternators available today.

Take extra steps to ensure their units perform up to the strictest standards

Set Sail

Electrodyne alternators are not cheap, but if you look at them as an investment in reliability and consider the odds are you'll be using two or three conventional alternators during the life of Electrodyne, they turn out to be economical in the long run

Bottom line is that we've not fried one of (Electrodyne's) alternators in many years and we've worked them pretty hard

Been using Electrodyne alternators since the early 1980's. Over the years we've tried other brands, but always come back to Electrodyne

Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub

Have all the brushless advantages

High performance, durability and easy repairs with no sparks or EMI

Big fan of the simplicity, reliability and engineering of the Electrodyne Brushless alternators

(Electrodyne) produces an alternator that kicks in at Low RPM

Joesph T. Kohler

Brushless, Heavy Duty alternator was chosen for its high efficiency and long life bearings