"Electrodyne alternators are solid, reliable pieces of equipment that are built for years of high output operation."

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Built by Steve Dashew
Long time Electrodyne customer

The Electrodyne Advantage

The complete generating system of the Electrodyne air-cooled alternator comprises a stator wound with generating winding, a low inertia, non-flux carrying rotor and an easily serviced electronics module. All contained in a cast steel housing. With proper bracket mounting, drive interface or pulley alignment, belt tension and surface contact, output amps sized to handle maximum load. The Electrodyne brushless alternator is designed and built to last up to 20,000 hours with no servicing other than maintaining the integrity of the alternator mounting and the connected electrical load. The potential for this extended life results from our philosophy of Dependability and Reliability. Our designs, choice of materials, components, manufacturing process, assembly and test procedures all work to this goal.