"Big fan of the simplicity, reliability and engineering of the Electrodyne Brushless alternators"

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Brushless design, no brushes or slip rings to fail. No rotating windings, Non-Electrical unitized rotor shaft. Large Diameter stator wire. Lower I24R winding loss. Cooler stator operation. High amperage output. High mechanical to electrical efficiency, saves fuel. Replaceable diodes on most models, high load dump capacity, extra large heat sinks. Positive, Negative and Isolated ground options Available with built-in Electrodyne® 12/24 Start-Charger. Integral alternator and bearing housing casting providing permanent bearing alignment & oversize grease reservoir. Long-life, heavy-duty bearings, high temperature grease.

Driven-End bearing has a high ISO Basic Dynamic Load Rating. Double lip grease seal with Teflon element (600°F rating). Unmatched durability and reliability, simplified maintenance and rebuild procedures. Lower cost per hour/mile. Extended warranty available. 12 volts up to 450 amps 24 volts up to 250 amps 32 volts up to 200 amps 48 volts up to 150 amps 64 volts up to 100 amps