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Electrodyne Alternators for Sale:


We have used innovation to create an alternator with no brushes, no slip rings and no rotating windings to ensure a high output long lasting product.


Electrodyne Alternators are designed and built to last up to 20,000 hours with no servicing. We test our products to the highest degree before sending them directly to our customers.


CSA approved product. The overall quality of our alternators are unparalleled by any other company in the market guaranteed.


We work hard around the clock to make sure all customers are fully satisfied. Any concerns you may have will be promptly taken care of by our staff.

Made in America
All alternators for sale are created in the United States of America

Here at Electrodyne, we work hard to separate ourselves from the competition. We do this first by supplying the best quality heavy-duty alternators in the world. Our product is unique and built to last in the harshest of conditions. If by chance the product is not living up to its potential, we will work with you to customize the alternator to ensure a consistently longer duration of life. The size of our company allows us to adhere to customers needs quickly and correctly. Customers always come first!

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Why Electrodyne?

When the company began in 1974, Bob Sampson went out with one mission, to create the highest quality alternator on the market. He successfully accomplished his goal and Electrodyne has been a reliable source of alternators ever since. Simply put, we have the best product on the market today. If you can't take our word for it, read our testimonials for further assurance.

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What They're Saying

"Been using Electrodyne alternators since the early 1980's. Over the years we've tried other brands, but always come back to Electrodyne"

Joesph T. Kohler, Mechanical Engineer
"Set Sail"

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